Exploring Buddhist Wisdom

Start date: 15th September 2023
End date: 17th September 2023
Time: 7:30 am - 1:00 pm
Location: Dzogchen Beara

Weekend Retreat on The Four Seals
with Susan Browne and Rob Van Willigen

Buddhism is distinguished by four characteristics, or “seals.” The Four Seals are said to be the hallmark of the Buddha’s teaching and encapsulate the particular view or philosophy of Buddhism.

The Four Seals

  • All that is conditioned is impermanent,
  • All that is tainted is suffering,
  • All phenomena are empty and devoid of self,
  • Nirvana is peace.

By understanding the way Buddhists look at the world and view their experience, we can find a fresh way of living our lives. Join us for this weekend retreat where we will explore the buddhist view by studying the Four Seals.

We will explore how change is our constant companion, and learn how to relate to our emotions differently. We will examine how deepening our understanding of “emptiness” can help us develop a non-judgemental attitude towards ourselves and others, among other things.

During this weekend we will share the meaning of each of the Four Seals, reflect on what they mean to us personally and share our findings with others. You will leave with concrete exercises that you can apply again and again in your everyday life to further your understanding.


The retreat will be held in our clifftop shrine room, with floor-to-ceiling windows offering spectacular ocean views. The schedule is spacious with a long lunch-break each day allowing time to enjoy this beautiful location.


A delicious two course vegetarian lunch is provided each day, with soup and bread provided in the evenings. Cooked with love at Dzogchen Beara, using homegrown and organic ingredients whenever possible.