About Susan

I’ve been learning and practicing Buddhist meditation practices for just over 30 years now and have been guiding groups and individuals in retreat, both at Dzogchen Beara Meditation Centre, West Cork, and at the Institute of Wisdom and Compassion, in France for the past 25 years.

„ Susan Browne’s work is informed by decades of rigorous spiritual practise and a deep understanding of the workings of the human mind and heart. She is a genuine practitioner, a rare gem. Her authentic, kind and humble presence and wisdom create a healing space that will help you re-discover your inner wisdom and joy. “

Kirsten DeLeo meditation teacher, end-of-life care trainer & author

When I started out initially I had very low self-esteem. Yet within just two years I’d learnt to no longer identify myself with my negative thoughts and became free from the cycles of depression.
After this, my attitude changed to a much more positive outlook, both in life, and how I related to myself. Upon experiencing such incredible benefits, I then went on to do many years of retreat, deepening and
enhancing my meditation practices.

„ Susan has a special effect on people in that they feel safe, heard, understood and helped. This empathy, wisdom is based on her dedicated highly developed meditation practices. In the 4 years we worked closely together, I regularly saw her effectively help people to overcome difficulties in their daily life, and quite often heal very deep painful wounds. “

Alex Peters Management trainer, coach & psychologist