Personal Guidance

Advice in Meditation, Compassion practices, Loving Kindness and Contemplation.

Learn methods to settle your mind, reflect deeply and develop kindness and compassion.

We all experience unwanted circumstances at some point in our lives. Through the practice of meditation and mindfulness we come to know our own mind and learn to be at ease with whatever we encounter. We can also learn to embrace changes and challenges with compassion, both for ourselves and for others. When we contemplate on how everything is constantly changing we can experience a lot more ease in our lives, and can even learn to maintain a state of well-being when life is more difficult

You may have already tried meditation, but would like more personal guidance, or may have questions you would like answered. Maybe you have heard of meditation and compassion practices and would now like to develop these methods to help you in your everyday life and the challenges it presents.


Individual sessions with Susan Browne on the Beara Peninsula, Ireland
or online by Skype
€50 for one hour
€40 for 45 mins


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Note: If you are currently following a treatment and/or are taking medication, please consult your doctor or therapist as sessions are not intended as a substitute.